Sharkettes In Heels Pitch Fest 2016

Pitch Your Business Idea Competition

Calling women entrepreneurs to join the Sharkette In Heels Pitch Fest with your chance to Pitch Your Business Idea.

Did you know that women-led start-ups and businesses only receive 7% of available Venture Capital even though women-led business statistically make MORE MONEY?*

We are on a mission to change that. Join us for our once a year women in business competition – the Sharkette In Heels Pitch Fest.

In SIH Pitch Fest, Sharkette businesses (women-owned businesses) will have a chance to pitch their ideas to a panel of experts, also known as Sharks in Heels. Experts include lawyers, marketing professionals, social media experts, executives, and fellow successful entrepreneurs. Our Sharks will give their personalized advice on each Sharkette business to help them refine their pitches.

Both attendees and contestants will learn and grow from the experience. The goal for our Sharkettes is to use this experience to help refine their pitches for capital investment in other forums and become even more successful.


2016 award winner

RentEvalMost property managers use pen, paper and a digital camera to record their property inspections. Afterwards, they enter the very same information into their property inspection system. This costs property owners time and money!Now with the RentEval mobile app, property managers can collect and enter data and images right from their smartphone saving time and reducing errors.

Cheri Garcia is a serial entrepreneur running several businesses, including her own invention The Luminous Envy Tanning Bed.

Cheri Garcia, Founder
Download the RentEval app from the App Store.

2016 award winner

Bar Bunnies

The very essence of entrepreneurship is seeing a need and filling it. Kay Brown's story exemplifies just that. While at a party, Kay was mixing a few drinks for herself and a friend. A group of girls staffing the event thought Kay and her friend were bartenders for the party. Since bartending looked fun, they wanted to know who Kay was working for so they could apply for jobs.

Kay quickly realized that event hosting is an ideal job for many. Flexible schedules and good pay make it possible for students looking for extra cash or even full-timers looking to make extra money on the weekends. Kay’s employees also bring the fun to all the events.

“You can make a customer a new drink and adjust the formula to their taste, but you can’t make up for bad customer service with a good drink. Customer service has to come first.” – Kay Brown

Kay Brown, Founder

Ashoka Roy Community
2016 award winner

Recovery to Rebound

Gale Blake started Recovery to Rebound, a non-profit organization, because of her own experience as a survivor of domestic violence. Gale found that there is a real need for after-care services to help survivors of domestic violence get back on their feet after they leave a domestic violence shelter.

Her non-profit organization helps survivors with therapy, clothes, career advice, job placement services, and permanent housing along with other needs.

Gale’s goal for Recovery to Rebound, Inc. is to be able to provide ongoing and continuous support for survivors for as long as they need it.

Gale Blake, Founder

featured JUDGES

Hope Shimabuku - Sharks In Heels Judge     Shama Hyder - Sharks In Heels Judge


Saturday – February 20, 2016

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